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Helping you find HOPE through HEALING

Have you experienced a loss, change, or transition that has left you thinking, “this isn’t how it was supposed to be” or “no one understands”? It is common to feel anxious, stressed, angry, and sad after a loss, yet sometimes these feelings and thoughts can get in the way of work, relationships and life. While these situations and events are inevitable, we are not always prepared to cope, or we may not have the support we desire.


Regardless of the circumstances, you may feel overwhelmed and confusedThese feelings can be intensified when you try to talk to others about the loss, change or transition and, while well-meaning, they are unsure how or unable to support you. It can also feel difficult when previously you were able to manage the stresses and challenges in your life, and now find that you need some help.

This is where I come in.  I specialize in grief and anticipatory loss, particularly losses others may not understand.  I do not believe that the grief that comes from losses, changes or transitions is something to “get over”.  I view them as experiences in our lives that we can integrate and grow through, allowing us to move forward and be more effective, balanced, and authentic in life, work, and relationships. I help individuals become more self-aware and let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve them.  I start where you are and focus on where you want to be.


Sarina Manifold, LCSW

What Makes Me Different

As a social worker, I am trained to take into account the variety of aspects that may be impacted by, or contribute to, the situations for which clients are seeking support.  I focus on the strengths that individuals posses and work to help enhance well-being. 

Every person is unique, and the same can be said when it comes to how  we experience the losses in our lives. Grief is uncomfortable so I want to help make talking about your  losses a little more comfortable.  I will not tell you how you "should" feel or what you "should" be doing (because let's be honest, others are already "shoulding" all over you). Everyone I work with is treated with the dignity and respect you deserve!  While grief, compassion fatigue, and caregiver burnout are some of my areas of specialty, YOU are the expert in your experience. 

One aspect of our lives that can often be overlooked is the relationship that we have with animals.  I am trained in veterinary social work, meaning I attend to the human being in the context of human-animal relationships; whether that relationship is personal or professional.


Not seeking support for a human-animal issue?  That's okay, I have experience working with other losses, changes, and life transitions.   


I offer individual and couples counseling with a focus on addressing losses & life transitions, compassion fatigue, and caregiver burnout.

Speaking Engagements&

I provide presentations and consultations on human-animal bond topics.


I offer debriefings to veterinary clinics, animal shelters or other animal care organizations to help manage compassion fatigue and burnout.


Contact Me

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for a free no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation.

In person sessions are now available for those living in the Raleigh, NC area.

I also offer Online therapy sessions for those living in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Tel: (919) 612 - 1991

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